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Speech of President IHAC, Prof.Santhi Jayasekera on the 7th WSC, November 26.11.2015

Dear colleagues!

As you know, we are conducting the 7th WSC already. Numerology says that 7 is a very lucky and happy number.

Let it be then. Seriously speaking, the number 7 reveals that our WSC, organized by IUFS and IHAC , have become really regular and significant events in scientific life of the modern world. We wait for it and expect a lot from it.

Our WSCs are a vivid evidence of the stable and attractive character of science conducted by IUFS, IHAC  and all the participants of WSCs. From my heart, I want to say hello to all the Russian and foreign participants of the 7th WSC.

WSCs are conducted during very hard international conditions, but at the same time many international researchers take part in it. This confirms the positive character of IUFS, IHAC , all of us and our activities, which are aimed at cutting-edge science. Such activities are necessary and useful for people, whatever they do, wherever come from.

Nowadays in different countries people search persistently for so-called “spiritual ties”, in order these ties safe different nations from inner and outer collapse, both material and spiritual.

I am sure that the life itself confirms, that cutting-edge science is that spiritual ties that brings all the nations together and help them to withstand any aggression and violence.

Cutting-edge science is independent from all the “sanctions”. A vivid evidence of it is the presence of international colleagues at the 7th WSC. Cutting-edge science is the carrier of the truth, and the truth has always been and will be out of any “sanctions”.

Science itself has the only sanction:  every time and everywhere contend for the truth. The truth is extremely necessary for all the people, regardless of what they do.

The topic of our Congress is quite popular and essential: “The uniqueness in science and art”. It happens so that two negative tendencies are observed in the life of people. The first tendency is connected with the fact that conformism and monotony in the thoughts and feelings of people are facilitating and people blindly follow the fashion and stereotypes. Here it is: people have always been and will be unequal in their right; fight and violence really defines any development and success; a strong one is always right, corruption etc.

On the other hand, it is thought that the aim of human’s life is self-discovery, even when there is nothing to discover; endless self-discovery, even when there is nothing to realize, because the personality hasn’t developed yet. Personality becomes helpless and pliable.

Both tendencies come together and have negative impact on the life of a modern human, in spiritual and material aspect, make a human manageable by negative forces, both spiritual and material.

In such conditions the meaning of a human’s true uniqueness grows, especially for researchers and artists.

Only truly unordinary personalities are able to develop and improve science and art, and thus enrich all the humankind, bring conditional and unconditional benefit, both material and spiritual. This is a real basement for global and national safety.

All the people on the Earth need such science and art, which really contribute to the facilitating and development of the interaction between spiritualism and materialism between people, and that excludes any violence. Interaction is life, and life is interaction.

Truly unordinary researchers and artists take part in our Congress, which bring unique contribution to the development of modern science and art for the sake of all the humanity.

In conclusion I want to wish to all the participants of our Congress all the best and noble activities. If the number 7 representing our WSC helps them, I am sure that everybody doesn’t mind it. Thank you for your attention!



Saint Petersburg

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