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The decision of the Third World Scientific Congress PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 06 October 2011 17:08

The decision of the Third World Scientific Congress (“The System Crisis in the modern world and a role of science in its overcoming”) September 29-30, 2011, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

On the 29th-30th of September 2011 in Saint-Petersburg took place the Third World Scientific Congress (the WSC), devoted to the problems of the system crisis in the modern world and a role of science in its overcoming.

In the WSC participated the leading scientists of IUFS, prominent scientists of Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, the Near and Far Abroad (Italy, Germany, New Zealand, Lebanon, Sri-Lanka, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Byelorussia).

More than 50 people reported on urgent problems. The conditions and reasons, caused by the economic crisis and leading to social tension and discredit of morality in the society, were examined. The result of the WSC work, its conclusions and recommendations may and must attract attention of state and public organizations, scientific communities and business for the purpose of overcoming (or weakening) of the crisis situations on the basis of science, influencing the development of spiritual and material spheres.

The WSC recommends the items as follows:

  1. support of the offers ;
  2. (on the way of overcoming) the theses and the speakers;
  3. receiving practical materials (the reasons of the crisis and economic, social, financial decisions);
  4. the practical meaningfulness ;


The decision of the Third World Scientific Congress


  1. The Congress approves and supports the activities of IUFS and IHAC in developing new directions in science, which favour the overcoming the system crisis in the modern world.
  2. The Congress addresses an offer to founders and investors, organizations and individuals to give the world support for publishing the materials of the Congress in print (in Russian and English languages), to make the results of the Congress work the heritage of the world science and academic community.
  3. To entrust the control of the implementation of the Congress decision to IUFS and International Parliament of Safety and Peace.
  4. To carry out the next World Scientific Congress (IV) in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) in the end of September 2012.


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The list of the reporters of the Third World Scientific Congress PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 05 October 2011 20:42

The list of the reporters of the Third World Scientific Congress (“The System Crisis and a role of science in its overcoming”)

September, 29, 2011.


  1. Vladimir Ivanovich Tjurin (Grand-Doctor, Doctor of economic sciences, Professor, Academician). “Economics and the present”.
  2. Adelina Ashotovna Mnatsakanova (Honoured Grand-Doctor, Professor, Authorized Representative of the President in Charity). “Charity in the modern world”. (AM)
  3. Jurij Viktorovich Galtsev (The Colonel of Police, Colonel-General of the Cossack Guard Forces, professor, doctor of medical sciences). “The Cossacks in the modern world”. (Byelorussia)
  4. Hans Joachim Kempe (Professor, Grand-Doctor, Biophysics Academician). “Biophysics and contemporary medicine”. (Germany)
  5. Geidar Mamedovich Imanov (Grand-Doctor, Professor, Academician, the President of Smolninskij Institute). “The Modern Complex pedagogics”. (Smolnyi Institute, RAE)
  6. Aleksandr Ivanovich Subetto (Honoured Science Worker of the RF, the Pro-rector of Smolninskij University RAE, Ph. D., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor). “Contemporary noospherism”. (Smolnyi Insitute, RAE).
  7. Albert Venediktovich Ignatenko (Doctor of Biological and Energy-Information Sciences, Ph. D., Grand-Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Academician). “Contemporary Cosmo-humanism”. (Ukraine)
  8. Valerij Petrovich Chaschin (Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Honoured Worker of the RF). “Preventive medicine”.
  9. Mikhail Aleksandrovich Eidelkind (Ph. D. in Museology, Professor). “Creation of European Union choir as the way of overcoming a spiritual crisis”.
  10. Oleg Juljevich Novikov (Grand Ph.D. in Juridical Psychology, Professor). “Psychological rehabilitation and jurisprudence”.
  11. Igor Viktorovich Zolotukhin (Grand Ph. D. in Medicine, Doctor of Medicine in Therapy). “The model of a law in draft of responsibility differentiation when securing commodity, tax and government assets in conditions of the system crisis”.
  12. Jurij Fedorovich Saveljev (Ph. D. in Pedagogical Psychology). “Harmonic development of personality on the basis of stimulation of creative activity and physical education” (IUFS).


The list of the reporters of the Third World Scientific Congress (“The System Crisis and a role of science in its overcoming”)

September, 30, 2011.


  1. Grigorij Vladimirovich Shirjaev (The Vice-President of IAICM, Ph. D., Grand-Doctor). “The structure and essence of the global crisis”.
  2. Vasilij Petrovich Pestrjak-Golovatyi (General, Ph. D., Professor). “Cultural heritage in the modern world”.
  3. Andzhela Vladimirovna Simakina (Ph. D. in Anthropology). “Integral psychology and the present”.
  4. Nailja Shakirovna Makarova (Grand Ph. D. in Correctional Pedagogics and Acmeology). “Teaching a baby how to speak. Self-creating technologies”.
  5. Alexej Jurievich Soldatenkov (Doctor of Jurisprudence in Social Defence, Full Professor, the Head of a chair of International Law at IUFS). “The problems of usage of international institutions of compensation for moral damage and belittling of business reputation of natural and artificial persons in courts of the RF”.
  6. Viktor Federovich Sharkov (Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Engineer-Physician) “Rizomatic logic – an optimal tool of life support of the united civilization of the planet”.
  7. Zinaida Grigorievna Simonenko (Candidate of Sciences, Professor (LIFMO)). “Information technologies as a way to overcome crisis phenomena in science” (SPbNRUITMO).
  8. Evgenij Jakovlevich Buzov (Rear-Admiral, Grand-Doctor). “The Health Centre”.
  9. Valerij Ivanovich Kasatkin (Grand-Doctor in Medicine in Rehabilitation Medicine, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Academician). “About “live” water”.
  10. Oleg Naumovich Sorokin (Doctor of Psychology, Grand Ph. D., Professor). “Psychology in the modern world”.
  11. Margarita Andreevna Kulakova (Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor).
  12. Irina Viktorovna Kuris (Grand Ph. D., Professor, Academician). “Transpersonal practice in the modern world”.
  13. Larisa Vadimovna Potemkina (Grand Ph. D. in Rehabilitation Medicine, Professor, Academician). Modern pediatrics”.
  14. Nina Ivanovna Maikova (Doctor of Medicine, Grand Ph.D., Professor, Academician), Vadim Petrovich Maikov (Grand Ph. D. in Rehabilitation Medicine, Academician, Professor). Non-standard medicine”.
  15. Leonid Jakovlevich Dubovskij (Grand-Doctor in Psychology, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Full Member of European Academy of Natural Sciences (Hannover), Professor). “The system crisis in the modern world of civilization as a crisis of a process of transformation of a human’s consciousness sphere”.
  16. Evgenij Izmailovich Borovkov (Grand-Doctor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician). “Quantum conception of theoretical and applied fundamentals of space safety”. (IAICM)
  17. Zoja Nikolaevna Iljina (Ph. D. in Philosophy).
  18. Mikhail Nikolaevich Avvakumov (Doctor of Mathematical Sciences, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor). “Screen-plane: opportunities and reality”.
  19. Elena Olegovna Kalashnikova (Candidate of Biological Sciences, Corresponding Member of IANES, Associate Professor at IASMM). “Integral medicine, optimization of a functional condition of a human”.


The Debate:


1. Viktor Mikhailovich Afanasjev (Doctor of Medical Sciences).


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The Decision - The World Scientific Congress (WSC) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 10 July 2011 20:43

The Decision

The World Scientific Congress (WSC)


             IHAC at IUFS, taken place 20.01.2009-20.02.2009  in   St.-Petersburg  (Russia).

1.  Participants WSC approve and support activity IHAC at IUFS on the organization and carrying out WSC.

2.  Participants WSC consider expedient and useful carrying out WSC for creation in the long term the World Scientific Community (WSC).

3.  WSC has allowed to carry out review and mobilization of available scientific forces in field of activity IHAC at IUFS and to hear a significant amount presented on WSC scientific Programs.

Now structure IHAC included many universities both others educational and scientific institutes of the world, including universities of the USA, the Great Britain, China, India, etc. IHAC has the right to offer various scientifically-educational program (in view of their practical value and real cost) to the persons-customers interested in such Programs (universities, scientific institutes, etc.) and, in case of their acceptance and approval to coordinate really performance and the subsequent application of Programs, and also to appropriate the International scientific degrees and ranks that who really deserves them (irrespective of the country of residing and a place of activity).

All the Programs which have acted in IHAC at IUFS during with 1/20/2009 in 2/20/2009, should pass the competitive analysis and selection for the further material (financial) support and realization. Expenses, material and spiritual, should be effective by the results.

          Programs should have also not speculative and recommendatory character, and to continue and develop the real positive results already reached by authors of offered Programs and allowing on the level to make these results essentially added and advanced, real property of a world science and scientifically-significant world practice.

4.  WSC considers expedient the edition under direction of IHAC « the Register of  World Register of Elite Scientists  (WRES). For this purpose it is necessary to acquaint participants WSC (direct and indirect) with structure of an autobiographical material which should be presented by their authors for corresponding from gathering and the further publication in "Register" in two languages: Russian and English.

5.  WSC considers expedient and useful the edition which is carried out  IHAC, leaning on support of the world science and its organizations, concerning periodic (annual, etc.) the scientific Almanac « Scientists of the world and the present ». The edition is carried out in various languages. Its volume up to 30 sheets and circulation up to 1 thousand copies. The electronic variant is possible. In the first release of the Almanac it is necessary to publish the scientific Programs presented on WSC, and other materials connected with WSC.


6.  WSC considers necessary to continue work on introduction of new specialities in nomenclature IHAC and numbers  already available specialities in nomenclature IHAC. Reasonable offers have no limited term for their receipt in IHAC.

7.  WSC considers necessary to lead on corresponding sample registration (the scientific account) participants WSC (direct and indirect).

8.  WSC considers necessary carrying out of corresponding work IHAC at IUFS on preparation and delivery, observing the certain rules, « the International Passport of the scientist » to participants WSC (direct and indirect).

9.  Following WSC it is expedient to lead in Paris in 2010.

10.  To assign practical realization of given Decision WSC and the responsibility for its execution on IHAC.

WSC considers it necessary to note corresponding awards of organizers and the most active participants WSC.

Organization committee of the congress:

Shanti Jayasekara, Iezuitov А.N., Simakin Y.А., Lukoyanov V.V..;

University address: 191036, Saint-Petersburg, 2-nd Sovetskaya, 4.

Contact phones: (812) 315-4796, 974-32-46


E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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