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Thursday, 26 January 2012 18:26

Regulations about an «International Passport of a Scientist»


  1. The IHAC under the IUFS made a decision about implementation of a special document – an «International Passport of a Scientist».
  2. Giving such Passport to a scientist from any country of the world is expression of recognition of his outstanding achievements in the world science, having international meanings in fact.
  3. The Passport gives definite benefits to a scientist for a trip with scientific purposes to different countries of the world and presupposes any assistance from scientific and educational institutions and organizations.
  4. In order to get the Passport a scientist must have a special registration number in a special «Register of Intellectual World Elite» (the RIWE).
  5. The scientist, who pretends to get the Passport, submits a motivated application and a special application form, filled by him/her in.
  6. The Passport is confirmed and signed by the administration of the IHAC under the IUFS and the International Higher Academic Council.
  7. The Passport is given in solemn conditions at the meeting of the IHAC under the IUFS or at any other scientifically significant meeting, having an international character.
  8. The control under execution and giving out the «International Passport of a Scientist» reserve under myself.


The President of the IHAC under the IUFS,

The Senator of International Parliament for Safety and Peace                         Shanti P. Jayasekara



October, 4, 2010. Saint-Petersburg

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