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Tuesday, 06 March 2012 19:34


The newly-made PhD owners.


On March 9, 2011 at the International University of Fundamental Studies (the IUFS) took place one more dissertation defence and issuance of diplomas. At this time a title of doctors in Philosophy claimed “overseas” visitors. The first person, who spoke for an academic degree in Medicine and International Security, was Dr. Arabi Lofti Sami, who came from Libanon. He has his business In Russia, so there is no difficulty for him to speak Russian. Kamali Hamid, a young, but in his age a promising guy, got an honorary certificate, awarding him a title of a Laureate of the IHAC - UNESCO International Contest in 2011. This document Kamali got for creation of a new direction of science in information technology, and for modern web-industry development. Young scientist was awarded for his outstanding contribution to the implementation of the Oxford Educational Network Programmes. The next person, who got a degree of a Doctor of Philosophy in literature and journalism  became the Kazakh writer

Uskenbaj Kulataev. After issuing him a diploma, Uskenbaj warmly greeted everyone, thanked

The Academic Council and presented to the President of the IUFS Mahatma Shanti a Kazakh national costume. In conclusion of diplomas awarding, a title of a Grand-Doctor of Philosophy in international security got the President of the World Humanist League of Nations (the VHLN)

Albert-Alexej Venediktovich Ignatenko. He also came to St. Petersburg from Ukraine to conduct a scientific and practical author's seminar on “The Matrix of a Power of a Thought, Health and Success”, which will take place on March 20, 2011 in Business-center “Neptune”.

After the presentation of diplomas a banquet was held, where honorary medals were awarded.

Albert Ignatenko and Uskenbaj Kulataev got “space” medals named after Jurij Gagarin from the hands of Professor Evgenij Izmailovich Borovkov. This year will be a jubilee year for cosmonautics – it was 50 years ago, when the first human flight to space was organized!

The Member of the Academic Council, Sherkhan Abilov, awarded his compatriot Uskenbaj an Order “The Victory Ally”.

In the words of Sherkhan, professional fates of two Kazakh writers are very similar. As well as Kulataev, Sherkhan studied at the St. Petersburg Mining Institute on an engineer. Both are members of the “Writers’ Union” – Uskenbaj in his motherland, Abdil – in St. Petersburg.

A pleasant and unexpected surprise was a “Registered” poem for everybody, who was present, from Andrej Nikolaevich Iezuitov. We could not do without an impromptu:

“My friends!

Our Union is perfect,

And this is both the IUFS and the IHAC!”

Hamid Kamali




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