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Sunday, 26 February 2012 20:42


The Regulations about

the International Center for Young Scientists (the ICYS) of IUFS

The progressive development of the modern advanced science requires its conceptual, philosophical and methodological and generational renewal. Historical experience shows that, as a rule, the most innovative and promising ideas, expressed by scientists around the world, were told and justified in a relatively young age.

Taking into consideration previous academic achievements, it is the young scientists, who were not of theoretical and practical constraints and were not depressed, they showed a genuine scientific courage, which belonged to the future.

Any traditions and in any science are historically limited, have a time-limit of its progressive influence on the development of a scientific thought.

The real science has always responded promptly and effectively to the historically urgent needs of its time. "Fetishization" of things, already achieved by science, inevitably lead to stagnation in science, its backlog of life, limitedness in understanding and explaining reality, to inability to solve practically urgent issues of vital importance to humanity.

Currently, the world science is undergoing a system crisis. Old ideas are outdated and do not work anymore, new ones – are in clear deficit. In these circumstances, it is new generation scientists, who are able to put forward really promising new ideas and implement them practically, bringing real and diverse benefits to humanity and everything and everyone.

In connection with the above, the IUFS considers it appropriate to establish under the IUFS the International Center of Young Scientists (the ICYS), which philosophical and methodological basis for activities is "The Philosophy of interaction" - a fundamentally new philosophy of the 21st century.

The center will unite young scientists from around the world, especially from Russia, promote their continuous scientific growth and development.

The IHAC under the IUFS will give preference during a defense of dissertations at all levels (a Bachelor, a Master, a Doctor, a Grand-doctor) to young scientists with new and progressive ideas (research, scientifically significant activities).

The IUFS will also give preference to the publication of works by young scientists, really original, in the journal "The Spirit of Time" and other editions of the IUFS.

Young scientists will be extensively involved to participate (papers, reports) in various international scientific events (congresses, conferences, symposia, "round tables"), will be sent to foreign scientific trips (exchanging experience and training).

The ICYS organizes and conducts its own international scientific events.

For outstanding contribution young scientists will receive the "International Passport of a Scientist" and various marks of distinction (orders and medals, special diplomas and certificates).

To consider the age of a young scientist, always with higher education - up to 30 years.

To establish the leadership of the International Centre of Young Scientists (the ICYS) consisting of:

Shanti P. Jayasekara (the Head), D. I. Odegov (the executive director), A. N. Iezuitov (the Scientific Supervisor-in-chief), V. V. Lukojanov (the Scientific Secretary-in-chief).

The leadership of the ICYS selects people for the membership of the ICYS, organizes and carries out its activities, operational and strategic, approves proper targeted programmes of the ICYS and young scientists, who are in its membership.

To establish regional offices of the ICYS in Russia and other countries, which composition and administration (the Head, the Scientific Supervisor, the Scientific Secretary) are approved by the leadership of the ICYS, as well as concrete programmes of the regional offices of the ICYS and young scientists, participating in work of the regional offices of the ICYS.

The Order № 25.11 from 30.11.2011

1.    To approve the "Regulations about the International Center for Young Scientists (the ICYS) under the IUFS."

2.    To approve the leadership composition for the ICYS under the IUFS


The control under the implementation of this order, and possible refinements in the "Regulations about the ICYS under the IUFS" reserve under myself.


The IUFS President, the Chairman of the IHAC,

the Chef of the ICYS under the IUFS – Shanti P. Jayasekara


November 30, 2011

St. Petersburg

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